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Forum Humanum - Udo-Keller-Stipendium für Gegenwartsforschung

General information on this scholarship

Forum Humanum
Udo-Keller-Stipendium für Gegenwartsforschung
Contact Person: 
Dr. Marcel Lepper

General Description

The Udo Keller Foundation Forum Humanum awards together with the German Literature Archive in Marbach for international PhD students and post - doctoral fellowships for scientific and literary projects at the German Literature Archive in Marbach.

The scholarship will be awarded to four months in amounts to 900.00 EUR per month for doctoral students and 1,500 EUR per month for postdoctoral fellows. Travel costs can not be refunded. The promotion serves all projects that deal due to the Marbach archive resources with the constellation "Religion and Modernity".


The scholarship is aimed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows of the literature, the humanities and natural sciences. Crucial for the award of scholarships are academic qualifications of applicants, the importance of their project for the scientific research and the role of Marbach stocks for the research project. There are no personal criteria.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: