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Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft - Studienkolleg für Lehramtsstudierende und - promovierende

General information on this scholarship

Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft
Studienkolleg für Lehramtsstudierende und - promovierende
Contact Person: 
Susanne Herrmann

General Description

The Foundation of German Business awards scholarships to for motivated student teachers and to students with the career goal teachers.Students can plus receive funding of up to 597.00 EUR, plus a 150.00 EUR monthly book allowance. The calculation of the assistance depends on the parents' income. Graduating students may, depending on their own income levels, also receive a stipend of up to 1,050.00 EUR. and a 100.00 EUR research package per month. Besides financial support, grantees will find an extensive ideational support program with various events on different topics and the integration into a useful network.


Students must have above-average performance in the respective fields and demonstrated community involvement (eg, volunteering at the College, in clubs, parties, churches, non-profit initiatives or social institutions). The promotion is aimed at students who have not attained the age of 32 years. Students must have a career goal in teaching.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: