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Universität zu Köln - Cornelia Harte Mentoring

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Universität zu Köln
Cornelia Harte Mentoring
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General Description: The Cornelia Harte Mentoring (CHM) program of the University of Cologne was developed to promote the professional and career development of female scientists. The support program is aimed exclusively at women and serves to increase the proportion of women in leading positions in science and research. Mentoring means that an experienced person supports a younger, less experienced person in the development of their personal and professional development. The basic idea consists in the transfer of formal and tacit knowledge through the mentor / mentee, the mentor of the. The Cornelia Harte mentoring program launched initially for doctoral candidates and students in 2001 however, it developed various programs. Programs for different target groups in the context of the Cornelia Harte mentoring were developed: CHM2001 for students and doctoral candidates; CHM PRO for doctoral (final phase), postdocs and assistant professors; CHM Promed for postdocs, assistant professors and heads of research groups in medicine, psychology and the natural sciences at the Faculty of Medicine; CHM MINT for students and doctoral candidates, primarily the natural sciences; CHM FAMILY. The promotion is aimed at highly qualified students with particularly good performances.


To attend one of the programs, students must be highly qualified university graduates, who can participate in one of the efficient mentoring programs for a period of two years if appropriate. The fees vary between the different programs and for some of the programs. The grant is aimed at students who are studying in a field of science and research at the University of Cologne. The program is aimed exclusively at women.

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