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Peter-Kluthausen-Stiftung - Stipendien für begabte Menschen

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Stipendien für begabte Menschen
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Peter und Charlotte Kluthhausen
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General Description

The Peter Kluthausen Foundation supports the program "scholarships for talented young people", which is aimed at students in general professional and specialized training. The funding supports projects at (schools, pre-schools, academies), which serve the general, musical-artistic, scientific, skilled, life, educational and linguistic training, including the development of language, reading and writing skills in the German language. The awarding of scholarships is done to young, talented people to enable them to enter into education and specialized training with particular reference to physical and social need of the person. Programs must be in the fields of music, literature, performing arts and in science and technology research and application, the Foundation conducts competitions and awards prizes for outstanding results.


The scholarships are designed to support young students in the field of education, training and continuing . The promotion is aimed at talented students who are materially and socially needy. The promotion is aimed at young people under 27 years. Exceptions are not ruled out.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.