Scholarships in Portugal

Country: Portugal

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Scholarships in Portugal

Portugal provides students with only few  scholarships
Although Portugal has made cuts in its education spending due to the financial crisis, higher education remains a priority for the government and state scholarships are still offered. There are also a large number of private scholarships available. The emphasis in the provision of scholarships is on post-graduate education, since basic fees in state universities for undergraduate degrees remain moderate – a little over 1,000€ a year.

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Funding for your studies in Portugal

Vouzela Municipality Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Vouzela300€ / once
Atlantic University Oeiras Council's employees Scholarshipns / 36 months
Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (Barcelos/Portugal) Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) Scholarshipns / ns
Atlantic University Directorate General for Higher Education (DGES) Scholarshipns / ns
Valpaços Municipality Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Valpaços300€ / once
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

University of Porto (Porto/Portugal) Erasmus Mundus - ANGLE Project1500€ / 24 months
East Foundation Short-term scholarship for Far-east students to study in Portugal or for Portuguese students to study in Far-east countriesns / 3 months
Catholic University of Portugal Transatlantic mobility grants to study in two USA Universities - for Bachelor and Master students of the Institute of Political Sciences1000€ / 5 months
New University of Lisbon (Lisbon/Portugal) AstraZeneca Merit Award - Nova Medical School5000€ / once
University Portucalense (Porto/Portugal) Mobility grantsns / 12 months
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