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Crewdson Trust
Crewdson Trust Awards

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For all students who do advanced degrees in Theology the University of Oxford offers Crewdson Trust Awards. The value of the award is £1,000. The intention of the Crewdson Trust is to promote study and research in Christian theology relevant to the production of contemporary re-statements of the Christian faith or its application. They would like to encourage research which would point to the importance of religion in reducing violence and promoting peace and love. The awards include travelling bursaries, book bursaries, and prizes which would help in research and support the project.


Crewdson Trust Awards are generally restricted to students who are studying at the University of Oxford. In the application process, priority is given to mature students. Preference is also given to students who are studying, or wishing to study, at Harris Manchester College at the University of Oxford. Students who are not fully funded, or have small household incomes, also get priority.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: