Scholarship for studying abroad

Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs - Stipendium für Studentenaustauschprogramm

General information on this scholarship

Verband der Deutsch-Amerikanischen Clubs
Stipendium für Studentenaustauschprogramm
Contact Person: 
Frau Ute de la Chaux
Eligible countries: 
United States

General Description

The Student Exchange Program of the Association of German – American aims to strengthen the German-American exchange promoted. As part of the promotional activities scholarships are mande available to German students in order to enable them to spend time abroad in the United States. The scholarship consists of the reimbursement of the incurring tuition fees, as well as a small contribution to the cost of living. Unfortunately we currently have no details regarding the the precise amount of the grant.


This scholarship is open to students of all disciplines (excluded are medicine, dentistry - and veterinary medicine and law). At the time of application, at least two semesters of study must have been completed. Applicants should have good academic performance. Applicants must also be younger than 26 years.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: