Terms of use for European-funding-guide.eu

Terms of use

§ 1 Purview

1. For the website european-funding-guide.eu, provided by the MY Access to Funding gGmbH - a non-profit organisation - the following conditions pertain.

2. The user’s acceptance of these conditions begins with the usage of this website for all areas that do not require a separate registration or login. For all areas of the website that require the user to create a profile, the acceptance of these conditions in the currently valid version begins with the registration, especially by checking the box connected to the approval of conditions and the thereafter retention of the entry. A complete registration at european-funding-guide.eu is only possible if the user is willing to accept the conditions by checking the corresponding box.

§ 2 Services

1. For all services provided by the MY Access to Funding gGmbH no guarantees or other warrants whatsoever apply.

2. The usage of the website european-funding-guide.eu is free.

3. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH is eligible to temporarily shut down the website european-funding-guide.eu. This is necessary especially for website and server maintenance, as well as for updating the online content. The user accepts the temporarily and unannounced shutting down of the website, especially if it serves the previously stated reasons. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH attempts to conduct the shutdown only at times with low incoming traffic. For a shutdown of the website european-funding-guide.eu and a resulting failure in retrieving the underlying database caused by a force majeure such as electricity cutoffs due to different reasons, european-funding-guide.eu shall not be held liable.

4. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH reserves the right to partially or wholly modify or close down the services offered through european-funding-guide.eu.

§ 3 Registration

1. Various different services offered by european-funding-guide.eu are only accessible for the user after successful registration. During the process of registration using the input screen, different personal and confidential information are requested, which are only partially required to complete the registration. Information required to complete the registration are marked with a red star. The completion of the non-mandatory fields almost always leads to more precise evaluation results.

2. Users of the website european-funding-guide.eu are always granted the opportunity to modify their information and keep their own data current. Further users can delete their account at all times or revoke their acceptance for the extended use of their data.
3. Within the scope of the registration, users can freely chose their login data and password and make changes at all times in their profile settings.

4. With the registration and acceptance of the conditions the user agrees to receiving emails by the MY Access to Funding gGmbH. Emails are solely send in connection to issues regarding the user account (lost password, creation of the account), deadlines concerning the application for scholarships and news connected to the platform mystipendium. In the account settings area the user can terminate the receipt of emails at all times.

§ 4 Obligations of users of european-funding-guide.eu

1. The user of the website european-funding-guide.eu has to keep his or her password secret. For damages caused by a misconduct in the form of passing on or otherwise disclosing the password, the user is held responsible. If the user gains knowledge about the abusive use of his or her password, for instance if it is used by a third party, he or she is obliged to promptly inform the MY Access to Funding gGmbH in the written form.

2. It is forbidden for users to violate copyrights, property rights or other rights and to upload viruses or other programs to the website european-funding-guide.eu or parts of the site.

§ 5 Rights of the MY Access to Funding gGmbH

1. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH, reserves the right to revoke the user’s entitlement to use the website european-funding-guide.eu at all times through banning the login data. Hereto no declaration of reasons is necessary. This revocation is especially possible if the user violated his or her duties of care in connection to the login data or violated the existing legislative framework when using european-funding-guide.eu.

§ 6 Liability of the MY Access to Funding gGmbH

1. The liability of the MY Access to Funding gGmbH for the website european-funding-guide.eu is excluded to defects as of quality or title, especially in respect to accuracy, validity, freedom of property rights and copyrights of third parties and the completeness of information, unless in cases of gross negligence or willful intent.

2. The liability of the MY Access to Funding gGmbH is limited to predictable damages typical to the contract, except caused by gross negligence or willful intent or damages concerning the health of a human being.

3. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH is not responsible for the content or services provided on directly or indirectly linked sites from european-funding-guide.eu.

4. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH assumes no liability whatsoever for content posted for third parties on the website european-funding-guide.eu (e.g. content of adverts). The MY Access to Funding gGmbH does not adopt third party content, which is published for a third party on european-funding-guide.eu, as their own. If third party content violates the exiting legislative framework, the regarding third party keeps the MY Access to Funding gGmbH clear of compensation claims.

5. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH is not liable for any activities and content created by users of the website european-funding-guide.eu (e.g. comments posted below articles or in the membership section). The content set out in these areas is not represented by the MY Access to Funding gGmbH, does not depict the MY Access to Funding gGmbH views and therefore cannot be apportioned to the MY Access to Funding gGmbH. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH does adopt these contents as their own.

6. The download of any files or other information from the website european-funding-guide.eu takes place at the risk of the user. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH shall not be liable for any damages that occur in absence of fault by the MY Access to Funding gGmbH (e.g. by installing software, storage, download or other usage of european-funding-guide.eu). Though the MY Access to Funding gGmbH utilizes antivirus software, no liability is accepted for damages caused by virus or other detrimental software or files.

§ 7 Privacy

1. With the registration the user accepts the applicable privacy laws of european-funding-guide.eu.

§ 8 Deletion of the account by the user

1. The services provided free of charge by the MY Access to Funding gGmbH on the website european-funding-guide.eu may be terminated at all times. The deletion of the account by the user takes place by requesting deletion from the MY Access to Funding gGmbH in written form or via email. Termination is to be enacted without notice and without stating any reasons. The termination of services is completed with the deletion of the user account.

§ 9 Alterations of conditions of use

1. The MY Access to Funding gGmbH reserves the right to modify the conditions of use for the website european-funding-guide.eu. This applies in particular if an alteration is deemed necessary due to the currently applicable legal situation. Through the use of the website the user expresses his or her consent with the currently applicable conditions of use.

§ 10 Final provisions

1. The conditions of use and the entire legal relationship between the user and the MY Access to Funding gGmbH are exclusively subject to German law. If single regulations of this arrangement should be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining regulations is not touched through this.