Grants and Loans in Austria

Country: Austria

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Grants and Loans in Austria

Look out for financial help in Austria
Despite general perceptions of Austria being an expensive place to live, it is actually a very cost-effective place to go to university. Although there are scholarships available, it is well recognised that not everyone is able to obtain a scholarship and so there are also additional types of funding available for those who decide to attend university in Austria in the form of grants and loans.

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Funding for your studies in Austria

University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna (Vienna/Austria) Josef Dichler awardns / ns
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (Vienna/Austria) Research scholarship679€ / 12 months
Vehicle Industry Thesis awardns / once
City of Graz Literature scholarship2000€ / once
Hubert + Suhner Hubert + Suhner Awardns / once
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Vienna/Austria) PhD mobility Scholarship2000€ / once
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vienna/Austria) Joint study "Free Mover" scholarship400€ / 4 months
University of Salzburg (Salzburg/Austria) Support for short term scientific worksns / 6 months
University of Vienna (Vienna/Austria) Support for congress participation650€ / once
University of Leoben (Leoben/Austria) Rudolf Posselt travel supportns / ns
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Tips for financing your studies

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