Overview of financial support options in France

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Financing your studies in France

Take the opportunity to get financial support in France
The overall cost of study in France is around the European average. Tuition fees are low, but the cost of living is above the average for the EU as a whole. The overall standard of education is also high and France attracts students from many countries, especially those where French is already the national language

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Funding for your studies in France

General Council of Allier Grants for doctoral students1290€ / 36 months
American Graduate School in Paris The John A. Lee Memorial Scholarship830€ / 24 months
Parsons Paris School of Art and Design PCA Scholarships26200€ / once
General Council of Moselle Department Student Loans762€ / once
Government of France-Government of Peru Support for Jointly Supervised Doctoral Dissertations830€ / 36 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Académie Nationale de Medicine ANM Housing Grants5400€ / once
General Council of Haute-Saône Student Family Allowance850€ / once
EFREI EFREI Excellence Scholarships2000€ / once
Government of France-Ministry of Defence/Region of Aquitaine Doctoral grants for the Region of Aquitaine1750€ / 36 months
SFT-Francophone Transplant Society SFT Doctoral Scholarships1350€ / 12 months
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Financing Tips

The 10 Biggest Misconceptions about Scholarships

Change your view on scholarships
Only one in eight secondary school graduates with good grades apply for scholarships. This is because many have misconceptions about getting funding. Here are some of the common misconceptions.

Applying for Funding

The Group Discussion

Don't get nervous in group discussions
The application process for some applications includes a group discussion. The group discussion is a standard task that is aimed at assessing the behavior of applicants in group situations. Interviewers are able to directly compare candidates. In this article you will find tips on how to successfully take part in a group discussion so that you make a good impression and avoid the traps.