Overview of financial support options in Germany

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Financing your studies in Germany

FInancing your studies in Germany

The majority of the students attend public universities. Tuition fees at public universities vary from state to state but are never higher than 500 € per semester (=1/2 year). For most bachelor's and many master's degree programmes tuitions fees do not exist or are only up to 500€. However, there are certain exceptions like non-consecutive master's degree programmes where the fees can be up to 1,000 € per semester. Private universities tend to charge relatively high tuition fees as well. These fees can go up to 6,000 € per semester.

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Funding for your studies in Germany

Naturwissenschaftliche Technische Akademie (NTA) Stipendien für Studierendens / 6 months
Studienstiftung der Süddeutschen Zeitung Stipendien für begabte Journalisten in den Printmedienns / 12 months
Gesellschaft der Freunde der Staatlichen Hochschule Beiträge zur Lebenshaltungns / 13 months
Robert Bosch GmbH Bosch-Jugendhilfe Bosch Jugendhilfens / 36 months
Studienstiftung Deutscher Psychologen Stipendien für Studierende im Hauptfach Psychologiens / ns
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Universität zu Köln Sozialstipendium300€ / 12 months
Studierendenwerk Hamburg End of Degree Student Loans400€ / 12 months
Hochschule Ulm Deutschland Stipendium300€ / 12 months
cashpresso Zinsloser 1.500€ Studienkredit1500€ / once
TU Berlin Karl-Fischer-Stiftung. Studiums- und Promotionsförderung an der TU Berlin42€ / ns
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Ludlow Thompson Paid Student Summer InternshipLondon
Pitch Internship ProgrammeLondon
UBS 2017 Summer Intern Program - Corporate Client Solutions - LondonLondon
J Public Relations, Inc. Summer Internship 2017 (London, UK)London
FXCM Inc. InternLondon
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Financing Tips

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Applying for Funding

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