Overview of financial support options in Austria

Country: Austria


Higher Education in Austria

With no fees, Austria is a good university choice
The Austrian University system has undergone several decades of reform that has made it one of the most open and equal systems in Europe. Students leaving secondary schools are free to enter any program or course they wish – although there have been some restrictions recently imposed on a few high-demand programs.

Financing your Studies in Austria

Studying without financial problems
Studying in Austria is not just attractive because of its reformed and open education system, but also because fees are low. So, many students attend courses out of personal interest rather than just to obtain a degree. Indeed, students who do complete a degree in a timely fashion pay no fees, so for many students university tuition is in fact free.

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List of recently added funding options

Funding for your studies in Austria

Vienna University of Technology (Vienna/Austria) Support scholarship3600€ / once
Office of the Burgenland state government Fred Sinowatz Award (Province of Burgenland)1000€ / once
University of Innsbruck (Innsbruck/Austria) Support scholarshipns / once
City of Vienna Grants of the City of Vienna for diploma thesis and dissertationsns / ns
Leopold Figl Foundation Grants of the Leopold Figl Foundationns / 36 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Upper Austria region Clemens Brosch award for young talents4000€ / once
Office of the Burgenland state government Fred Sinowatz Award (Province of Burgenland)1000€ / once
Burgenlandstiftung Theodor Kery Grants of the Burgenlandstiftung Theodor Keryns / ns
Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft Research Promotion and Assignments for the Field of Forestryns / 36 months
Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (Vienna/Austria) Aid scholarshipns / ns
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Procter & Gamble UK Sales Internship (off-cycle) 2017United Kingdom
Manchester Met Internship (3 months)Manchester
British Red Cross Events Assistant InternLondon
Punter Southall Group Limited Actuarial Summer Internship - 2018United Kingdom
AXA Funds Management Internship - Investment RiskLondon
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Financing Tips

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Applying for Funding

The Group Discussion

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