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Don’t let special needs stop you studying abroad

Not all people are the same. If you happen to be someone whose individual physical, mental, health-related or family circumstances make it difficult for you to participate in a mobility programme without additional financial support you might qualify for disability support or special grants for children.
ERASMUS for students with special needs
ERASMUS for students with special needs

In addition to this, to support your special needs, Erasmus+ will pay particular attention to further support services such as pedagogical or technical support services, guidance or physical accessibility.

However, it is up to National Authorities in each Country to define the criteria for students to be entitled to the top-up grant for disadvantaged backgrounds. In some countries, this criteria allows students with families to be entitled to the top-up grant for disadvantaged backgrounds. In other countries this is unfortunately not the case

If you have special needs, the best place to seek advice is your international relations office at your home institution.

Disability support

If you have a disability, you may apply for a specific grant after having been selected for a mobility period. Your Erasmus coordinator of your home institution will be able to give you the necessary information about the application procedure, such as deadlines, where to find the application form or how to submit it. In the application process you will need to fill out a form in which you describe your special need(s) and requirements as well as a detailed cost estimate. This will need to be supported by a statement from an authorized institution which can attest your claims.
After your application has been fully assessed and the additional amount you may receive has been confirmed, you will need to sign a grant agreement which clarifies your rights and duties.

Make sure that you anticipate all eventualities and possible needs before you go abroad and include these in your application. Later additions may not be considered.

During your studies it is important that you keep evidence of all the additional expenses that arise due to your special needs. You will need to report the precise amount and hand in the invoices etc. at the end of the study period.

Support for accompanying children

Being a parent is hard enough. However, if you are faced with the double responsibility of studying on top of your child-care responsibilities it can make your mobility options seem limited. For this reason in some countries Erasmus+ offers special financial assistance if you are accompanied by your children during your studies abroad. However, not all countries offer this additional support for students with children. The monthly rates are usually around 100 Euro for your first child, and thereafter an additional 50 Euro for each further child.
You should be able to get the necessary application forms in your international relations office at your home institution. This form will need to be submitted together with your initial Erasmus application to study abroad. Make sure you have any relevant documentation organised and at hand before the application deadline. You may need to provide copies of your children’s birth certificates and any other evidence of financial support you are currently receiving elsewhere.