Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer your questions concerning European Funding Guide, funding opportunities and scholarships as well as technical problems.

Questions about European Funding Guide
Technical Questions
Questions about funding opportunities and scholarships

Questions about European Funding Guide

  1. What is European Funding Guide?
  2. European Funding Guide is a project by the Initiative für transparente Studienförderung (Initiative for transparency in student finance). The aim of this project is to find appropriate funding opportunities and scholarships for every student. With the help of your individual profile and our database, we provide relevant results for every student in just few minutes. This service is completely free of charge.

  3. Is the service of European Funding Guide really free of cost?
  4. Yes indeed, creating a profile, searching for relevant results and reading all individual funding matches is for free.

  5. Why do you need personal information for the process of registration?
  6. Foundations and other funding institutions award their funds and scholarships depending on different criteria. Therefore, we created an algorithm to match these criteria with your profile. This is the only way to find appropriate funding opportunities and scholarships for each student (to be).

  7. Do I have to register to survey your database of scholarships and funding opportunities?
  8. Generally, you are also able to have a look at our funding opportunities and scholarships without a registration. However, we do recommend completing the registration in order to get only relevant results. It would take a lot of time if you would check every funding opportunity and every scholarship (out of a total of more than 12,000 funding opportunities) in our database by hand.

  9. How many funding opportunities and scholarships does your database contain?
  10. At the moment, our database contains more than 12,000 funding opportunities, most of which are scholarships. Other than scholarships we also include loans and grants, prizes and awards, governmental support for students and other funding opportunities.

  11. I'm already receiving a scholarship. Does it make sense to create profile at European Funding Guide?
  12. You should certainly create a profile at European Funding Guide, even if you already receive a scholarship. For many foundations, it's no criteria if you receive a scholarship from another institution or not.

  13. I'm a parent. Can I create a profile for my child and search for funding opportunities and scholarships for him or her?
  14. Of course, you can create a profile for your child in order to look for appropriate funding opportunities.

  15. How long does it take to complete the process of registration/ answering the questionnaire?
  16. From our experience, answering the questions in order to get matched to funding opportunities and scholarships takes about 2-5 minutes. Afterwards, you have access to all results of funding opportunities and scholarships we can provide for you. Regarding the large amount of scholarships but also other types of funding in our database, it's very likely that we found proper results for your profile.

  17. How many funding opportunities and how many scholarships will I be matched to once I answered the questionnaire?
  18. Concerning the amount of proper funding results, there can be great differences between profiles. As an average, a student can expect at least 20-30 funding opportunities and scholarships matching his or her profile.

  19. I'm working at a foundation. How can I register a new scholarship at your site?
  20. We are always very thankful for hints regarding new scholarships. You can check if your scholarship is already in our database by using the search function. If not, please send all relevant information to support ( AT )

  21. I've already had an intense research for funding opportunities and scholarships. Which additional benefit can I get from European Funding Guide?
  22. Our funding opportunity and scholarship database contains more than 12,000 entries. Regarding this amount of funding opportunities, it's very likely that we can provide you with funding opportunities and scholarships that you haven't found yet. So, taking a couple of minutes to complete our questionnaire is always worth it.

    In addition, you should keep your profile up to date. Sometimes, changing one criteria can lead to a completely new batch of funding opportunities and scholarships.

    By the way: If by chance you are studying in Germany,you may check out our German scholarship portal:

  23. What types of funding opportunities do you cover?
  24. We do cover all types of funding opportunities relevant to finance your studies at your home university and abroad. Most of the funding opportunities in our database are scholarships, but we have also included grants and loads, governmental support, awards and prizes and many more.

    Technical Questions

  25. I've lost my password. How can I log in now?
  26. Please click on "Login" and choose "Forgot your Password". The next steps are described in the following.

  27. I forgot my username. How can I log in now?
  28. Your email address works as your username. So, please try to use your email addresses to log in.

  29. How can I change my password?
  30. You can change your password at any time. Please log in and click on "My profile" in the upper right corner. On the following site, you click on "Your account". Now you will find the possibility to change your password.

  31. How can I change the email address for my account at European Funding Guide?
  32. Like changing your password, you can change your email address under "Your account".

  33. How can I delete my account?
  34. You can delete your account under "My profile" -> "Your account". On the bottom, you will find the button "Deactivate account". If you want to delete your account, please keep in mind that it's irreversible.

  35. The system doesn't identify my entries in the category "University" and "Academic Discipline".
  36. These two categories work with auto-completion. That means that you type in the first letters of your entry and the system will show a drop-down list with all entries that contain this combination of letters.

    Please check if JavaScript is active. If Javascript is active and it's still not working, try another internet browser.

    In some cases, problems can appear due to a slow internet connection. Please type in few letters and wait for the drop-down list to appear. These may take some seconds.

  37. My Degree Programme is not listed in the drop-down menu.
  38. That doesn't matter. Please choose the appropriate subject group.

    Questions about funding opportunities and scholarships

  39. Are there also funding opportunities and scholarships for students with an average academic merit in your database?
  40. Of course, there is a great variety of funding opportunities and scholarships which are not awarded on the basis of good academic records. A lot of foundations award their scholarships depending on different criteria like the place of birth or the profession of the parents. In addition to that, many funding options are awarded based on financial need or the location of your school. It only takes you 2-5 minutes to fill in our questionnaire and see what kind of funding opportunities and scholarships are relevant for your individual profile.

  41. I am a PhD student. Can you help me find funding and scholarships?
  42. Of course. European Funding Guide aims to help undergraduates as well as postgraduates or PhD students. Our database contains a great number of scholarships specifically for PhD students. Within 2-5 minutes you can fill in our questionnaire on this site and find out what scholarships match your profile.

  43. I'm still attending school. Can I already apply for a scholarship and other funding options?
  44. Many institutions accept applications from students who haven't enrolled at a university yet. Because of this, you should start searching for funding and scholarships early. With the help of European Funding Guide you can check all funding opportunities for your studies in advance.

    Please tick the check box in the questionnaire saying that you have not yet begun studying so that we can show you funding opportunities that match your current stage.

  45. Does the European Funding Guide provide scholarships and other funding optionds for pupils?
  46. Unfortunately not but we like to provide services for pupils soon. If you already finished school and are about to apply for university, you can start searching for funding possibilities with the help of European Funding Guide now.

  47. How long does it take to receive the first money of a scholarship or other funding option after having applied for it?
  48. It can take one month or half a year and it differs depending at which institution you apply. So please take care of applying early to make sure that you are able to finance your studies.

  49. I come from a wealthy background. Are there scholarships and other funding options for students who are not in financial need?
  50. Indeed, there are many foundations that provide scholarships and other funding options for students without financial problems.

  51. I'm not possessing the citizenship of the country I'm studying in. Are there any scholarships and funding possibilities for me?
  52. Of course, the nationality is not a criterion for a lot of institutions. You can find those options easily in a few minutes through European Funding Guide.

  53. Are there also scholarships and other funding options for the final period of my studies?
  54. Generally, there are scholarships and other funding opportunities for every period of a degree programme. You can find funds that support specifically students at the end of their curriculum easily in a few minutes through European Funding Guide.

  55. What is the average amount of money I get after having successfully applied for a scholarship?
  56. There are big differences. Some institutions provide you with several thousand Euros per month over a period of several years. Others pay a few hundred Euros or offer ideational support. In any case, we strongly recommend you to search for support. Finding out what funding opportunities you could apply for will only take a few minutes.

  57. How long is the average duration of a scholarship?
  58. Concerning the duration of a scholarship, there is also a great variety. On the one hand, scholars receive a certain amount once. On the other hand, some foundations pay their scholars for their whole degree programme from the first day to the last.

  59. Do I have to pay taxes for receiving a scholarship?
  60. Generally speaking, no. However, this can differ in some cases depending on the country of residence, the type of scholarship and your personal situation.

  61. I just finished school and I'm about to do a community service. Can I already gather information for my future studies?
  62. Yes, of course. During the registration, please choose the academic degree and the academic discipline you want to study. In addition, you should choose "not yet started" for the stage of your studies to see all funding opportunities for your current situation.

  63. I have a job but I'm about to quit it in order to enrol at university.
  64. While registering, please choose "not yet started" for your stage of studies. Like this, you will find scholarships and other funding options for your current situation depending on what academic discipline you choose.