For funding providers

For scholarship providers

If you are offering scholarships or other types of funding opportunities for prospective students, for current students (undergraduate or postgraduate) or PhD-students in the EU please feel to contact us. We are constantly searching for new programs to make the funding landscape in the EU more accessible. European Funding Guide covers more than 12,000 funding options throughout the EU and allows students and pupils to search for funds for their specific profile and country of education.

What types of programs we include

We are covering scholarships, loans, governmental aid and all other funding options prospective, current and PhD students can apply for. In order to be eligible for our site, your program needs to target (prospective) students in any of the 28 EU-countries. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if your program page is in your local language and targeted at local students only. We reach (prospective) students from all subject areas and all regions in all EU-countries.

How to register a new program

As a first step, please check, whether your program is already listed in our database. In order to do so, please use the search function at the bottom of our start page.

If you cannot find it, you can send us an email to: funding-providers(AT)

Even if your program information is in your local language, we would appreciate if you contact us in English first. We have a multilingual team that will be able to assess your program information also in your local language subsequently.

Please make sure to include all relevant information on your funding program in your email. The more structured your information is, the faster we can include the program.

How to make changes to a registered program

If you have found that your program is already registered at European Funding Guide and you would like to have changes made to it, please click on the button "send us feedback on this entry" and be as specific as possible. Please state precisely what exactly needs to be changed and what the new information should be. The more specific you are, the faster we can change the program description.