Funding Overview

Higher Education in Ireland

Ireland, known for its gorgeous green scenery, charming cities, and rich folk culture, is also a historical learning centre. In ancient days, monks acted as scholars and drove the nation’s hunger for knowledge through their work, which included the famous Book of Kells. Despite years of hardships and suppression of learning, Ireland maintained its love of knowledge and is recognised today as a leader in education. Students can choose from tiny, specialised private colleges to huge, globally-minded universities as well from schools close to nature or in modern metropolises. Higher education institutions are warm and welcoming environments where native and international students are supported by the The Republic of Ireland in their studies. Public support for education in Ireland is unusually high. Total investment in education in the past decade was increased by an average annual rate of over 10%. Other EU nations, according to the OECD averages, have only increased about 3%. This dedication to learning means that 85% of funding is from public sources, while the balance is supported privately.
Study in Ireland is a real possibility
Study in Ireland is a real possibility

Educational system

In addition to the common two-type university system that most countries in Europe have, Ireland also has additional schools that are more specialised. The National University of Ireland group consists of seven Universities, which are based on more general academics and learning. There are fourteen Institutes of Technology, which are the vocational schools, and then seven private Colleges of Education. The Institutes of Technology emphasise technology, but also include programmes in media, hospitality, pharmacy, textiles, and healthcare. The Regional Technical Colleges, of which there are 11, focus on subjects like business studies and engineering. Lastly, there are the Specialist Colleges which are part of the National Council for Education Awards. These specialist colleges focus on one subject.

Seven of Ireland’s universities are public while there are seven private, independent, or not-for-profit institutes that include Dublin Business School and the ICD Business School. These private institutes can be as large as 9,000 students to as small as 200. All of the seven public universities are ranked among the world’s top 700 by the World University Rankings.

Degree Programmes

Higher education in the Republic of Ireland is arranged into a series of levels and certificates before a Bachelor’s degree. Following that, a student can receive an Honours Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s, and then a Doctorate. Currently, there are six industries that are growing the fastest and so are very popular among students seeking to find work. Those fields are IT, computer software, accounting, work in the Green sector, business, and medical professions.