Scholarships in Denmark

Denmark is known for its great higher education system as well as the wide array of funding available for students. Both international students in Denmark as well as Danish students are afforded an immense amount of support to ease the financial burdens associated with pursuing a higher level degree. There are many scholarships in Denmark, some of which are obtainable through private institutions as well as others funded by the government. Low study related costs combined with an exceptionally affordable cost of living and an exciting culture, makes Denmark a great location to further one’s education.
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Get financial support to deal with high living costs


General situation in terms of scholarships

Students in Demark are able to take advantage of free education provided they are members of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland citizens. For those who are not a part of those countries, tuition ranges from 6.000 € to 16.000 € annually, depending on the institution. Due to the number of other expenses associated with studying in Denmark (books, housing, insurance, and transportation), scholarships or other funding are often a necessity. This, however, is not a problem as both the Denmark government and private institutions contribute to the funding of scholarships for Danish students. Many of the scholarship programmes set a maximum number of hours in which students are able to work in order to qualify. This approach is one that promotes students to focus on their studies whilst enjoying the comfort in knowing that their expenses are taken care of.

Type of scholarships and granting institution

There are many organizations through which those studying in Denmark are able to obtain scholarships. These include Nordplus, Erasmus, Fulbright Commission, and the Danish Government Scholarships. The Danish Government Scholarships under the Cultural Agreements are one of the most popular options amongst students in Denmark due to the fact that it targets individuals who are motivated when it comes to getting involved in the culture and language of Denmark. This scholarship is available to students in a wide range of fields which include environmental studies, research, architecture, and also design.

Availability and conditions for getting a scholarship

There are quite a few requirements that need to be met in order for a student to be eligible for the Danish government scholarship. The first, is that the student needs to hold a Danish residence permit and be involved in a full time programme at a participating Danish university. The Danish government scholarship for highly qualified non EU students can be taken advantage of by international students from a number of countries. As with other scholarships in Denmark, there are certain requirements that need to be met in order for a student to be eligible. Those applying for this particular grant will need to be enrolled full time in Danish higher education programme, hold a residence permit for Denmark and also, be a citizen of a non EU/EEA country.

Local scholarships for foreign students

Students who are not members of an EU/EEA nation are not left behind where scholarships are concerned. With the Danish Government Scholarship, run by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, these students are able to get the funding they need to support themselves during their higher education pursuit. Eligibility is based on grades and accomplishments as well as the studying of a full degree at the graduate level. This scholarship is offered to international students in a large number of fields.

Typical scholarships in Denmark

The most popular scholarships in Denmark include the Danish Government Scholarships under the Cultural Agreements, the Erasmus scholarship programme, Nordplus, and Fullbright Commission. Individual universities also offer scholarships to Danish students. This often comes in the form of a tuition waiver (typical for private institutions). Students can also apply for scholarships through private organizations.