Scholarships in Spain

Compared to other European countries there is a limited supply of scholarships available to study in Spain. This is somewhat off-set by the relatively low level of both tuition fees and the cost of living. Under current austerity measures in Spain, students must pay 15 to 25% of the real cost of their studies, so full scholarships are not an option at this time.
Profit from a scholarship in Spain
Profit from a scholarship in Spain


General situation in terms of scholarships

Scholarships available for study in Spain are mostly targeted at second and third cycle degrees, that is, Master’s and Doctorates. At the Master’s level full government scholarships are only available for students entering teacher training. The grant system is available for students in financial need studying for lower degrees. There is an important government scheme providing scholarships for international students for higher degrees only.

Private Scholarships are more readily available and there are a number, often linked to specific schools or aimed at students with particular backgrounds. Since in general studies in Spain are taught in Spanish, language proficiency is a basic requirement for almost all scholarships offered.

Type of scholarships and granting institution

The Spanish government offers a limited number and range of scholarships for students in post-graduate studies. These are financed and administered by the Spanish Ministry for Education, the Ministerio de Educatión, Cultura y Deporta. Private scholarships are given by a wide range of organizations which often target specific groups.

Undergraduates are supported through the grant system, rather than through scholarships. Students doing a non-compulsory extra year after their undergraduate degree can apply for a specific scholarship for that, and also for the last year of undergraduate studies or the first year of a Master’s to undertake research.

Availability and conditions for getting a scholarship

For government scholarships students must be fiscal residents of Spain, or EU citizens resident in Spain. These scholarships are not available for students wishing to come to Spain to study. For students finishing undergraduate or beginning Master’s study the Collaboration Grant is a government programme that gives 2.000 € to eligible students entering into a research project. For private scholarships students must often fall into a specific group, such as students from Latin America, or Spanish emigrants wishing to return to Spain to study. Of course the full range of EU scholarships can be used to study in Spain, as can most scholarships granted by overseas bodies.

Local scholarships for foreign students

Students coming to Spain to study for a Master’s or a Doctorate can access a government programme designed specifically for them. Students cannot be resident in Spain. They must be under 35, have completed an appropriate lower degree and have already been approved for admittance to their programme. The scholarship pays 600 € a month plus board and lodging at one of two halls of residence in Madrid. For studies outside Madrid, or if accommodation is not available, the stipend is raised to 1.200 €. Tuition support to a maximum of 2.000 € is also included.

Typical scholarships in Spain

The government grant is the main scholarship available for undergraduate degrees. The government programmes for Master’s study and grants for Doctoral studies are the chief scholarships for post-graduate studies. EU students resident in Spain can also access these programmes. For international students, the government scholarship for Master’s and Doctoral studies is the main financial support, although there are also a good range of private scholarships available for post-graduate studies too.