Scholarships in Sweden

A small population with an extraordinary education system, Sweden is seeing more and more students take advantage of what it has to offer in terms of education. Funding college also comes with great ease in Sweden as there are a multitude of different scholarship programmes, both private and public, available in the country. These scholarships aren’t limited to Swedish residents and thus, even international students are afforded a less cost intensive study.
Look out for scholarships in Sweden
Look out for scholarships in Sweden


General situation in terms of scholarships

Sweden’s booming education system makes for a great place to study. With highly recognized Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and PhD’s the number of students in Sweden is on the rise. Especially in private universities, the cost of education is rather high which also means that there is a high demand for scholarships in Sweden. nGovernment organisations as well as universities are main contributors to the scholarship pool for both international students and Swedish students. Many of the available scholarships in Sweden also take care of costs such as books, school supplies, living expenses and insurance.

Type of scholarships and granting institution

A small number of scholarships are available through the Swedish Institute. This is a government agency which holds a level of responsibility for public financing. The scholarships provided through the Swedish Institute are very competitive and therefore, those wishing to qualify need to qualify, need to have grades that reflect excellence. Additionally, the scholarships offered by the Swedish Institute are not limited to a Bachelor’s degree programme; they can also be obtained to assist in funding a Master’s degree or research. Another means of obtaining university funding in Sweden is through organisations. There are many organisations as well as foundations in Sweden whose premises is based on raising funds for university students. Private institutions in Sweden are also a viable option and one where more substantial amounts of money are given out. As a result, funding through private institution is typically directed toward research.

Availability and conditions for getting a scholarship

The large number of scholarships available in Sweden means that there’s no shortage when it comes to funding one’s studies. However, it’s important to keep in mind that scholarships come with eligibility requirements and therefore, it is essential to ensure that the criteria is met before proceeding with an application. Typically, there’s no age limit or gender restrictions where scholarship eligibility is concerned. One’s home country, along with the field of study, degree programme, and achievements are typically what dictates whether or not an applicant is awarded the scholarship. In some cases, where the influx of applicants for a particular country are high, there is an increased level of difficulty in obtaining a particular scholarship. This is because the organization responsible wants to have an even spread amongst its recipients and therefore a more thorough process of elimination is carried out on countries with a large applicant representation.

Local scholarships for foreign students

International students in Sweden have a wide selection to choose from where scholarships are concerned. Postdoctoral international students carrying out research are eligible to apply for the Guest Scholarship Programme, although the only members from a short list of countries are offered this opportunity. Included in this scholarship is a travel grant as well as insurance coverage. Another programme where international students can seek a scholarship is the Vibsy Programme. Again, only citizens of a short list of countries are eligible. Living expenses as well as tuition are covered by the Visby Programme Scholarship. A number of universities also offer funding to their students at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD level.

Typical scholarships in Sweden

A very typical scholarship in Sweden comes through Swedish Universities. This scholarship does not take the traditional form and instead is done as a tuition waiver whereby the student is exempt from paying at least a portion of their tuition. The most common scholarship for both Swedish students and international students are those offered through the government agency, the Swedish Institute. However, due to the limited number of scholarships offered along with the ability to apply numerous scholarships at once, Swedish students extent their opportunity to receive funding using many different avenues.