Top 5 scholarships that are not based on merit or need in Spain

You are not the kind of “brain” that is typically qualified for a scholarship? Whatever! On this site you can find suitable scholarships for everyone whether being an innovative journalist or a history student. Check this top 5 scholarships out that are not based on merit or need:
Scholarships not awarded based on merit or need
Scholarships not awarded based on merit or need

1. Autonomous University of Barcelona - Foreign Language Grants for Students Doing Internships Abroad as Part of Their Degree Plan

The University of Barcelona is supporting students undertaking language-based work experiences abroad as part of their Degree Plan. The total finding for the grant is € 6.000.

2. University of Málaga - SICUE Mobility Scholarship

The University of Málaga is part of the Exchange System between Spanish University Centers (SICUE) and offers grants to students enrolled at the University of Málaga who participate an exchange stay at a university in a different province and campus. The students will receive € 165 for each month they spent at the destination university.

3. Villalar-Castilla y León Foundation - Villalar-Castilla y León Foundation Research Grants

The Villalar- Castilla y León Foundation supports studies of the historical, geographical, cultural, economic, anthropological, scientific reality, technical or any other kind of study of Castilla y León with a value of € 6.000.

4. Municipality of Monzón/CEHIMO - City of Monzón Research Grants

The Municipality of Monzón/CEHIMO promotes studies or tasks related to any aspect regarding the Monzón and its region with € 1.300. Applicants must be a certified researchers.ón-research-grants

5. ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute - IYE Scholarships

The ESADE Business School sponsors young entrepreneurs that have developed and implemented a company without any prior training in the business management. The programm fee is an amount of € 14.980.