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University of Porto (Porto/Portugal) - Incentive Prize

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University of Porto (Porto/Portugal)
Incentive Prize

General Description

The Incentive Prize provided by the University of Porto is awarded since 2005, following a favorable decision of the Senate. This prize was designed in order to encourage students towards high grades during their first year of study, as the Incentive Prize is available starting with the second year of study.


Students that want to receive the Incentive Prize from the University of Porto need to do their best during the first year of study. The ECTS system is used in order to determine which the students eligible for the Incentive Prize are. One student will receive this scholarship in a faculty with less than 1,500 registered graduates, while faculties with more than 1,500 registered students will benefit from more, the total number being divided by 1,500 and then rounded to the next highest integer.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.