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RIZ - The Founders Agency of Lower Austria - Genius Idea Award

General information on this award / prize

RIZ - The Founders Agency of Lower Austria
Genius Idea Award
Other limitation: 
Gefördert werden Teilnehmer, deren Wohnort oder Arbeitsstätte sich in der Vienna Region (Niederösterreich, Wien, Burgenland) befindet oder deren Projekt in der Vienna Region verwirklicht werden soll.

General Description

RIZ Niederösterreichs Gründeragentur offers the Genius Idea Award to support innovative projects developed by people living or working in Niederösterreich, Vienna or Burgenland. Grantees will receive funding worth up to 46000 euro.


The purpose of this grant is to support people with innovative and pioneering ideas whose work is oriented to creative problem-solving. Projects will be selected for funding on the basis of the following criteria: degree of innovation, development level, customer utility, market potential and relevance of implementation. Applicants must be permanent residents of Niederösterreich, Vienna or Burgenland or have their place of study or employment there.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: