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ABB Jurgen Dormann Foundation - ABB Jurgen Dormann Scholarship

General information on this award / prize

ABB Jurgen Dormann Foundation
ABB Jurgen Dormann Scholarship
Eligible countries: 
Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia

General Description

ABB Jürgen Dormann Foundation for Engineering Education offers a broad system of scholarships available to all students of electrical and engineering courses in universities all over the world. Its purpose is to equalize opportunities for students in a difficult financial situation and to reward those who are successful in science and can ensure remarkable scientific achievements. Scholarships are offered to full-time students and part-time, regardless of age, for a period of maximum five years. Scholarships are currently available for students from Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Only students native for the university's country may be granted this scholarship. Each university has its own qualification program and application forms are available here. Final decision regarding granting the candidate belongs to the ABB Foundation only.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.