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Université de Liège - Province of Liège Consular Body Award

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Université de Liège
Province of Liège Consular Body Award

General Description

The Province of Liège Consular Body which represents 41 countries around the world, gives an annual award to an author of a postgraduate work of merit performed at the University of Liège. The award aims to encourage graduates to pursue a diplomatic or research career related to the areas of international issues and bilateral multinational framework. The prize money is € 3,000.


Candidates must have been students at the University of Liège. The submitted work must not have been previously published or has previously won an award. The submitted work must have been completed at the University of Liège or part of an exchange between Liege and another University. If the submitted work is part of a dissertation or thesis, it may not be submitted until an academic jury has ruled favorably on it. Work written other than in French must include a summary in French. The submitted work must be nominated by a promoter or another member of the academic or scientific staff of the University of Liège.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: