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General Description

Scholarship relating to the illustration of food packaging. The items are: Legumes, Pasta, Liquids (oil, honey, wine), Baby food powder, Sweets for children, Flour, sugar etc. The food must have a use by date of more than 6 months and are to be delivered packed. The issue is not confined to any particular art form and may include but not limited to: Painting, graphic design, or any other form of artistic activity on the food packaging. Any intervention on the packaging, should ensure that the food within will remain intact and suitable for consumption after opening. Assemblage or art installation with one or more packaged foods. Photographing or video art where one or more foodstuff are illustrated. Any other kind of artistic expression where the basic “material” must be packaged foodstuff. In each case the packaged food (or part thereof) contained in the artwork (either as real objects or as a display) should be able to be given for consumption. This means that several artworks will be ephemeral and necessarily will be “destroyed” when the foodstuff will be required to be consumed.


Illustrated products must have more than six months of expiry date, and must be ready for consumption.

Application deadlines

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