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University of Aosta Valley (Aosta/Italy) - Aids for accommodation ISEEU for Students enrolled in Aosta Valley

General information on this grant / loan

University of Aosta Valley (Aosta/Italy)
Aids for accommodation ISEEU for Students enrolled in Aosta Valley
Other limitation: 
the student must reside in municipalities whose distance from the university enrollment is feasible by public transport in a time equal to or greater than 70 minutes or that do not have public transportation useful for both the outward and return

General Description

This financial aid is granted to participate in the accommodation costs borne by students enrolled in University of Valle d'Aosta (Italy). The contribution may be combined with other Scholarships, and with the issued by same institute.


Students with regular registration to one of the following degrees are eligible: Master Degree in the University of Valle d'Aosta, or Arts & Music degree in the Musical Institute of Valle d'Aosta (Conservatoire de la Vallée d'Aoste). Also students from the Third Faculty of Turin Polytechnical Institute based in Verres can apply.

To access the Scholarship, the student must produce an ISEEU lower than € 20,728, and an ISPEU lower than € 34,979. The student must have rented an accommodation nearby the University building, for at least 9 months, within 1st September and 31st October. Such documentation must be produced by the student. His/her home town must be in a neighborhood which is not reachable in less than 70 minutes using public transportation system, or which is not served by a public transportation system at all. The admission is subordinate to the possession of a determined amount of credits, as established in the announcement. Special conditions apply to impaired students, with proven disability over 66%.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: