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Bishop Grosseteste University - Tuition Fee Loans

General information on this grant / loan

Bishop Grosseteste University
Tuition Fee Loans
Eligible countries: 
European Union, England

General Description

Tuition Fee Loans are paid to Bishop Grosseteste University from the Student Loans Company to assist eligible full-time and part-time students with their tuition fees. The programme is only open to undergraduate and PGCE students who are accepted to study at the university. The amount successful applicants receive depends on whether they are doing a foundation course, are classified as undergraduate or PGCE students, and whether they are enrolled full-time or part-time.


Applicants must be nationals from the UK or European Union who can prove residency status. They must not have an honours degree. Selection is not based on the income or age of the applicant. Those who have already received loans from the Student Loans Company and are in arrears are not eligible to apply.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.