Grant / loan for studying abroad

Bishop Grosseteste University - Special Support Grant

General information on this grant / loan

Bishop Grosseteste University
Special Support Grant
Eligible countries: 
European Union, England
Other limitation: 
this grant is payable to: some disabled students, students with children and a partner who is also a full-time student, some refugees.

General Description

The special support grant from Bishop Grosseteste University is awarded after an income assessment is done to determine eligible full-time students who should receive the award. The amount received is non-repayable and has the same value as the Maintenance Grant.


To be eligible for the grant, students must undergo a means-tested benefits assessment with the aim of determining their financial status. Applicants should also be either a refugee, disabled, a lone parent, or a parent who is also a full-time student.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.