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General Council of Charente - Access to Higher Education Scholarships

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General Council of Charente
Access to Higher Education Scholarships
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Place of main residence: Department of Charente, France

General Description

The General Council of Charente offers the Access to Higher Education Scholarships to support first year bachelor´s degree students. Grantees will receive a allowance of up to 200 euro per academic year for students classed in or near tier 0 of the scale used by the CNOUS to award scholarships based on social criteria; students classed in tiers 1 to 6 of the same scale will be awarded 150 euro per academic year.


This scholarship is open to first year bachelor´s degree students registered as such at a French higher education institution. Candidates should come from a household whose yearly income does not exceed the CNOUS eligibility threshold for scholarships based on social criteria by more than 3000 euro. The applicant´s parents must be permanent residents of the Department of Charente.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: