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Kore University of Enna (Enna/Italy) - Fee reduction "Siamo al tuo fianco contro la mafia"

General information on this grant / loan

Kore University of Enna (Enna/Italy)
Fee reduction "Siamo al tuo fianco contro la mafia"
Other limitation: 
scholarship for students who are victims of crime of mafia, or whose family has been affected by organized crime

General Description

University of Enna "Koré" grants free enrolling to students who have been victims of mafia or organized criminality. Additionally, safety measures to ensure student's family from mafia reactions are granted by Police force.


Students who are or have been in any way victims of organized crime may apply. Students enrolling in the first academic year must have a college degree with grade 75/100 or better. Students enrolling in academic years after the first must have earned at least 75% of the expected credits. Out-of-course students and repeaters are not eligible. This benefits is compatible with any other kind of Scholarship. It is not compatible, however, with other forms of tax reduction. If this is the case, the institute will apply the most favorable conditions to the student.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.