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UK Government
Maintenance Loans

General Description

The Maintenance Loan is to support students living outside London and away from home with £3,610. It is eligible to apply for 65% Maintenance Loan while the household income won’t be checked, which means that you are permitted to apply without any information about your parents income. Student Finance England will decide the amount of the loan based on assessing your household income that includes your parents and yours. The loan will be given over three instalments at the beginning of each term. It will be paid directly to your bank account or building society account. Similar to any loan, it consists of 2 loans, the interest charge for privilege of borrowing the sum and the value you repay.

The repayment will be made starting from April after you graduate/leave. When you earn more than £21,000 per year at rate of 9% on the earnings more than £21,000. The repayment will be done automatically from your monthly salary of working to HMRC and any outstanding debt will be written off after 30 years.

Full-time students should notice that interest is going to be charged at the rate of inflation in addition to 3% from date of taking loan till you have finish studying. Interest rates of repayment are the same as the RPI if you earn £21,000 or less, the RPI plus 3% if you earn over £41,000 or the RPI plus up to 3% if you earn between £21,000-£41,000.


The loan is only to support students living outside London and away from home.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.