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Carolyn Horne Memorial Fund - Carolyn Horne Memorial Fund

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Carolyn Horne Memorial Fund
Carolyn Horne Memorial Fund

General Description

The Carolyn Horne Memorial Fund offers funding to home students, EU and overseas students studying at The University of Cumbria who are not eligible for student loans or help from other financial funds. It supports the students with their essential living costs at a maximum of £500 per academic year. The payment should be received within four working weeks, but if the application is incomplete, it will take longer than this.


Candidates must: not eligible to apply to any other financial fund, demonstrate the financial difficulty, demonstrate adequate provision to pay the tuition fees but have encountered a financial emergency, have used all other financial options available.

The funding can be applied at any time during the academic year, including the long vacation. One application can only be made, depending on the circumstances.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply:
any time