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National Health Services - Training bursary

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National Health Services
Training bursary

General Description

Training bursaries are available to Postgraduate students pursuing an education in the field of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Art and Design, Drama, English, Geography as well as many more. The amount issued varies from £5,000 to £20,000. These bursaries are issued by the National Heath Service (NHS).


Trainees who have a first in fields including Art and Design, Biology, Drama, Geography are able to receive a bursary of £9,000 whereas those with a 2:1 are applicable to receive a bursary of up to £5,000. Physics trainees, on the other hand, are applicable to receive a higher sum of money through the Institute of Physics Scholarship which grants £20,000. In order to be a viable candidate, the Physics trainee has to have a 2:1. However, upon obtaining this scholarship, Physics trainees will not qualify for the DfE bursary (Department of Education bursary).

Application deadlines

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