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UCL and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)  - IDB – UCL Joint Scholarship

General information on this grant / loan

UCL and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) 
IDB – UCL Joint Scholarship

General Description

University College of London (UCL) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) have established a scholarship for doctoral students. The scholarships provide funding to doctoral students from IDB member states. All academic expenses are covered by the scholarships. There are also allowances for living, conference participation, scientific paper preparation, computer purchase, and family expenses. Funds for health insurance and round-trip tickets to place of study are provided. Awards are available for three courses of study, as well as 6-12 months of doctoral research.


Applicants must be attached to a research or academic institution in their home country. Research or professional experience is required. Knowledge of the language of the target institution of study is required. Applications are restricted to those under 35 for a PhD, and under 40 for post-doctoral research. Applicants must be a national of an IDB member state.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: