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Bank Austria - Bank Austria Art Award

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Bank Austria
Bank Austria Art Award

General Description

The Bank Austria is awarding cultural journalists and innovative projects, in the field of culture, with Art Award. With the amount of 218 000 Euros, this award is the most valuable Austrian award. This prize is awarded in four categories, which are: a) Regional-intended for Austrian municipality and cultural initiative who had strong impact in improving regional cultural life. Fund for this price is 70 000 Euros, b) International-For regional projects that are of the great importance to internalization of Austria art scene. The prize amount is in heigth of 70 000 Euros, c) Art Education- The best projects that in the best way connect widest range of people with art, d) Cultural journalism-The competition is open to Austrian cultural journalists who have published or post art related articles in printed medias, TV or radio, and by doing this have contributed in bringing cultural events closer to wide range of audience. Maximum amount of this award is 8 000 Euros.


In order to apply for this award, candidates have to be Austrian artists or jounalists who have contributed to Austrian cultural scene by internalization or bringing it closer to the people. The award is also intended for cultural projects in Austria.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: