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City of Linz - Marianne.von.Willemer award

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City of Linz
Marianne.von.Willemer award

General Description

As an initiative of the city of Linz's office for women's issue the Marianne von Willemer award for digital media has been created. It is a direct sponsorship for female artists and is awarded to women who use digital media as an artistic tool and means of expression. Innovative artistic works are sought and the technical realization can come from a broad spectrum of options, for example digital photography, digital video, computer animation, generated graphics, digital music, interactive installations, net and web 2.0 projects, media performances, media architecture, etc. Besides artistic quality, the specific use of digital media is itself an evaluation criterion.


Women living in Austria (individuals or groups) who use digital media in a creative, experimental and artistic manner may apply. An authorship declaration by the individual or group must be presented. The artistic work must not have been awarded a prize at the time of submission.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: