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Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens/Greece) - Students of the Athens School of Fine Arts Welfare & Accomodation

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Athens School of Fine Arts (Athens/Greece)
Students of the Athens School of Fine Arts Welfare & Accomodation

General Description

The institution"George CHALKIOPOULOU" will provide a financial support, it will be based on the academic performance of students within the previous year. The number of scholarships is limited and will be awarded to undergraduate departments of Economics, University of Athens, at the discretion of the Board. Applications may be submitted by those who are least in the second year of study, known for their performance in the course of the previous year (Grade 7.5 and above, provided that they have successfully completed the lessons of previous years) and whose financial resources are limited. Application can be submitted if honors grade 8.5 and above is achieved, regardless of economic resources. The relevant forms and information can be sought by candidates in the Liaison Office of the OPA


Supporting documents required are as follows: A) Transcripts of the Secretary of the Department in which the candidate attends. B) An official statement of the law. 1599-1586 fellows that is not another institution. C) A copy of the statement of the candidate's parent or certificate surprising (not needed for those who take only honorary fellowship).

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: