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Sapienza University of Rome (Rome/Italy) - Scholarship "Don’t miss your chance"

General information on this scholarship

Sapienza University of Rome (Rome/Italy)
Scholarship "Don’t miss your chance"

General Description

The Scholarship entitled "Don't miss your chance" is granted by university "La Sapienza". European and extra-European citizens are eligible. 5 Scholarships will by awarded. Each Scholarship will amount to€ 4,068. Additionally, winners will be exempted with registering fees. This benefits can be maintained for the second year at same conditions.


Italian students can't apply. Candidates must have an academic degree, or equivalent, achieved in any foreign Academy. Only students who earned the top grade can apply. Students must have a student visa. Students older than 26 years are not eligible. Applicants must be enrolled in the first year of a Master degree course at the University "La Sapienza".

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: