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General information on this scholarship

Foundation Visconti di San Vito
Scholarships Foundation Visconti di San Vito
Other limitation: 
the student must be resident in the province of Varese, with preference to residents in the town of Somma Lombardo

General Description

The University of Insubria awards 40 scholarships for students who enrolled in the Mathematics Degree Course (plus 2 additional ones for first year students). In addition, 2 individual scholarships worth 1,000 each will be awarded to Economics and Tourism students. 8 prizes will be awarded to students aged 18 to 30 based on projects in the constructions field. The Giovanni Lorenzin Onlus Association awards 3 prizes for students who are about to graduate or recently graduated in any Italian University.


The first scholarship will be awarded among students who enrolled in the Maths Degree Course at Uninsubria. The second scholarship will be awarded based on the student Academic performance. One of the main criteria of selection will be an interest in e-commerce and the industry of tourism. As for the third scholarship, students must be aged 18 to 30. Students will have to develop and present innovative projects related to the CGT and CGT constructions fields. The last prize will be awarded to young almost graduated and just graduated students of any Italian University.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: