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University of Genoa (Genoa/Italy) - Incentives for merit (Fee exemption and advancement prize)

General information on this scholarship

University of Genoa (Genoa/Italy)
Incentives for merit (Fee exemption and advancement prize)

General Description

Merit-based incentives and aid options are available for students enrolled at the University of Genoa. High-achieving students can receive exemption from the 201-euro enrollment tax for the first year, and after that (contingent upon high achievement) students can receive a 20% reduction each year in the enrollment tax.


These incentives are only available for high-achieving students, and will be assigned automatically if the student fulfills the University’s qualifications. In order for an incoming student to receive exemption from the enrollment tax, the student must have received the highest grade possible on his or her high school exit exam. In order for a returning student to qualify for the 20% reduction in enrollment taxes, he or she must have earned 80% of the credits expected of him or her at that point in his or her course of study. Both first year and returning students must be enrolling full time in order to qualify for these incentives.

Application deadlines

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