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University of Macerata (Macerata/Italy) - Call for Senior Tutors

General information on this scholarship

University of Macerata (Macerata/Italy)
Call for Senior Tutors

General Description

The University of Macerata is selecting a Senior Tutor for University undergraduates. The position must be filled by a graduate student of the University. The Senior Tutor helps the Orientation Office and other University offices, and provides assistance and support to students. Senior Tutors earn 10 euros per hour, and can work 400 hours a year.


The Senior Tutor must be a graduate student at the University of Macerata (as either a Master’s or Ph.D. student). In addition to the application, the applicant must also be interviewed to ascertain his or her communication skills and knowledge of university legislation and organization.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: