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S. Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Music (Naples/Italy) - Scholarship "Antonio Falconio"

General information on this scholarship

S. Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Music (Naples/Italy)
Scholarship "Antonio Falconio"

General Description

Rotary's clubs of Naples issue three Scholarship of € 2,500 in total. The aim is to commemorate dott. Antonio Falconio. As a plus, Family Falconio offers two precious bronze busts to the 2nd and 3rd classified. Additionally, the winner will be accorded a concert.


Candidates must be legally enrolled in the Conservatorio San Pietro Majella of Naples. Applicants are requested to register a 5-10 minutes piece related to a poem. The piece must include a voice, and up to three instruments. Additionally, applicants must forward to the judging board a CD registration, and four copies of their program. Such copies and CD must be sent anonymously, and marked with a single motto.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: