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General information on this scholarship

A.R.D.i.S Catanzaro

General Description

A.R.Di.S. di Catanzaro announces Scholarships for the current year. Additional benefits as housing and canteen services are provided to deserving students. Benefit duration can vary according to different situations. Students with disabilities are accorded special conditions. The amount of each of the prizes can vary between € 6,519.77 and € 18,035.84.


Students legally enrolled in any degree course can apply. Students can't apply for a Scholarship, if they already have earned a previous academic degree. Candidates must produce an ISEE_DS document lower than € 18,035.84. Also an ISPE_DS showing financial income lower than € 30,640.09 is required. An expected amount of credit is required, as specified in the announcement. Students who bear impairments can access further benefits and fee reductions if the disability is of 65% or worst.

Candidates can't apply if they earn an academic degree. Repeaters are not admitted. This Scholarship is additional to other forms of contribution issued for abroad studies. It is not compatible, however, with other Scholarships granted by ARDIS or Public Administration.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: