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Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music (Milan/Italy) - Scholarship "Gaetano Cantarone"

General information on this scholarship

Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music (Milan/Italy)
Scholarship "Gaetano Cantarone"

General Description

Students of wind instruments are eligible for a Scholarship. The funder is granted thanks to the inheritance of dott. Gaetano Cantarone. A total of € 3000 will be awarded to the winner. Additionally, a special prize of € 500 will be awarded to the accompanist, if certain conditions are met. Players are requested a free demonstration of 30-45 minutes.


Wind instruments players can participate. They can play solo or in a duet. Additionally, they can be accompanied by a piano player. Students from either old or new academic organization are admitted. They must be graduated in wind instruments. An ISEE documentation lower than € 40,000 is required. If the pianist is, or have been, student at the Conservatory, he will be awarded an additional € 500 prize.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: