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General information on this scholarship

Architecture Institute of Venice (Venice/Italy)
Scholarships IUAV

General Description

Students enrolled at IUAV of Venice can apply a Scholarship. Awarded students will receive both financial contribution and other benefits. The amount varies between € 965 and € 5,113.5. Additionally, free meals are granted to students who meet certain conditions. The Scholarship can be renewed every year or semester, as established in the announcement.


Students have to be legally enrolled in the current academic year. Candidates must produce ISEEU documentation lower than € 20,956.46 and ISPEU lower than 27,505.37. Additionally, awarded candidates must earn the expected credits. Students enrolled in the first academic year are exempted with merit requirements. Students are not eligible, those who received a Scholarship from any source. As an exception, students who are receiving financial aids for studying abroad are admitted.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: