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University of Milan - BICOCCA (Milan/Italy) - Master of Science degree - Single cycle

General information on this scholarship

University of Milan - BICOCCA (Milan/Italy)
Master of Science degree - Single cycle

General Description

Students registered in triennial degrees or single-cycle Master degree can receive a Scholarship from Università di Milano-Bicocca. The prize vary up to € 3,200 according to the student's condition. Additionally, impaired students can access a special benefit. A total of € 12,800 will be accorded to impaired students.


Candidates must have a college degree, or equivalent, with mark of 42/60 (70/100) or better. Only candidates following the first year of a triennial degree, or single-cycle Master degree, can be considered. Candidates must produce ISEEU documentation, proving income between € 20,728.46 and € 28,000. Further financial documentation is required during the academic year. Additionally, the student is expected to achieve a certain amount of credits to maintain this benefit. A student can't be eligible if he was awarded another Scholarship in the same year. Students who achieved another academic degree, either in Italy or abroad, can't apply. Repeaters by all means will not be considered.

Students with disabilities of 45% and worst can apply for a special contribution.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: