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University of Bradford - ABB Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

University of Bradford
ABB Scholarship

General Description

Students of The University of Bradford who study on an undergraduate degree programme for more than 3 years would receive funding for the additional years subject to satisfactory progression. The cash scholarships worth £3,500 (over the duration of a 3 year degree). In their first year, students will receive a guaranteed £1,500, paid in two instalments in October and February, and another £1,000 a year in subsequent years will be paid in one instalment in October, provided if they are achieving an average of 60% or above. The number of these scholarships are not limited, all students who are eligible will receive the award. The scholarship is linked to the grades you achieve, it is not linked to your offer or your UCAS tariff points.


Applicants must be Home and EU students who achieve ABB or higher in their A Levels (or equivalent). Consideration will be given to those who are taking the International Baccalaureate and have a score (or predicted score) of over 30 points. Students on NHS funded courses are unfortunately not entitled to this scholarship. Students will be assessed for the scholarship automatically after A Level results and successful students will be notified if they have been awarded the scholarship.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.