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University of the Arts London
Access Bursaries

General Description

Access Bursaries are available at the University of the Arts London. They are for those in receipt of a full or partial Maintenance Grant. If a student’s household income falls under specific bands they become eligible for more financial aid. Band 1 classification is the lower end of household income and students falling into this band receive £600. Band 1 households are those with incomes ranging from £0 – £24,999 a year. Students that classify as Band 2 receive £450. Band 2 household incomes range from £25,000 to £31,000 a year. Bursary payments are made in the spring.


Students that are eligible for full or partial Maintenance grants, or Special Support Grants, are eligible for Access Bursaries. The student’s household income has to fall within certain ranges for them to qualify.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.