Scholarship for studying abroad

University Centre at Blackburn College - £1,000 Full-Time UCBC Bonus

General information on this scholarship

University Centre at Blackburn College
£1,000 Full-Time UCBC Bonus
Eligible countries: 
European Union
Other limitation: 
must be a full time undergraduate student

General Description

A full-time undergraduate at the University Centre Blackburn College has the opportunity to benefit from the £1,000 Full-Time UCBC Bonus. This is a disbursement of £1,000 every year for the successful candidate who meets specific requirements in a Higher Education programme. This amount is released in three instalments throughout the academic year. Academic performance and attendance are decisive factors for obtaining this bursary.


You must be a full-time new student on the verge of matriculating to your second year of study at the institution. You must reside in an EU country. You must maintain at least a 90% attendance record

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.