Scholarship for studying abroad

University of Bolton - University of Bolton National Scholarship Programme (NSP)

General information on this scholarship

University of Bolton
University of Bolton National Scholarship Programme (NSP)
Eligible countries: 
England, European Union

General Description

You can get up to £6000 in the National Scholarship Programme, from the university of Bolton. This is for full-time undergraduates who are enrolled in a Higher Education course. If you are a student in the subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics you are given a preference. In addition those whose household income is below £21,000 are eligible. The scholarship is paid for those who are commencing their first Higher Education course. A total of 137 scholarships are granted. Those who are just starting their Teacher Training programme are not eligible.


You must have started your first year of an undergraduate course at the University of Bolton. You must be a full-time student.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.